I’ve been to many Championship weekends throughout my involvement with lacrosse. One of the oddest things I have never understood is why they have Championship Weekend in a football stadium, it doesn’t make sense to me. For the past 5 years, I have read the same post from and the headline will always read something like this “Championship weekend attendance on the decline” (Besides last year). I want to improve on the attendance increasing so this sport can really grow into something extraordinary! 

Article from after last years Championship weekend

Here are a couple of reasons why I think (Certainly do not hope) last year’s Championship Weekend might not translate into this years championship weekend.

  • North Carolina
    • North Carolina has underperformed for many many years and they have also been one of the most popular teams throughout that time period. UNC fans came from across the country, I believe it is because of the brand Michael Jordan, the basketball team, Joey Sankey, Marcus Holman and to be honest the team has swagger many programs can’t compare to. The fact they were in Championship Weekend this past year definitely helped with the exposure.
  • The Pat Spencer Affect
    • I did not know about Pat Spencer until the playoffs started and can that kid play! From what I saw, he ran Loyola’s entire offense. He was the spark the made that offense go. I will put my money on it right now, that he will win the Tewarton Trophy within the coming years.
  • Brown’s Offense
    • Let’s be honest, I knew that Brown would be good but did I know they would be Championship Weekend good? Of course not! They’re offense was so revolutionary that it put everyone in College Lacrosse on notice. One of the reasons why Lacrosse hasn’t hit as well yet is because it has that niche mentality to it. Only certain people can play it and that is not true at all.
  • Dylan Malloy
    • Let’s face it, besides Pat Spencer, Dylan Malloy is the best player in College Lacrosse hands down. Just watch this clip of Dylan Malloy and I don’t need to say anymore.

Having new faces in Championship weekend besides Duke, Notre Dame and Syracuse in the finals was a plus as well. I think they are great programs but COME ON spread the wealth people! Don’t get me wrong those faithful fans are great and I am a Syracuse Orange fan myself but it was nice not to see those colors on my TV screen for once.

I am going to propose something that is going to be farfetched but just work with me here: Last year, Championship Weekend was in Lincoln Financial Field, that stadium holds 69,176 people for a sell out crowd. The total for the entire weekend was 82,901 with the Championship Game (UNC vs Maryland) with 26,749 which means the other two days averaged about 28,076 per day. Who knows if we will ever have those types of circumstances ever again, Chris Cloutier scoring 9 goals in one game and an OT thriller between Maryland and Brown. Why not have the weekends games in a smaller stadium like a PPL Park that holds 10,000 people. I KNOW! I KNOW! You’re probably thinking I am crazy but let’s work this out.

  • Who knows if we will ever have those types of circumstances ever again with Chris Clouttier scoring 9 goals in one game and that OT thriller between Maryland and Brown.
  • We are missing a very large demographic in the female population. In order to change that, push back the championship game for the men to 4:30 PM or at night (under the lights) and have the women’s championship weekend game before the men’s game. The female dynamic will be there and they could stay for the men’s game, and just like last year two of the same teams could be there like UNC Men’s and Women’s.
  • It will be a smaller, more precious atmosphere.
  • ANNNNNDDDDD if you watch the games on TV the stands will look packed and the that audience will be more enticed to go to the game next year.
  • Think about the atmosphere if you are there, every goal matters, every pass matters, every save matters, it would be enticing!
  • The NCAA would be able to make more money, I know no one wants to hear that but because of the limited amount of seats they would be raise the prices which would make them happy… Sorry 😦

I know that it is a farfetched proposition but I think it could be a smart one. What do you think? Am I crazy or do I have something?



  1. Or even not having it on Memorial Day Weekend. Many people are traveling those days so lacrosse gets put on the back burner. Good post.


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