Are the Cabrini Cavaliers the Washington Capitals of Division III Lacrosse?

I first want to start off by saying that I am not a hater by any stretch of the imagination. I played against Cabrini University for three years while in college and we got SMOKED every time; if you look back in the record books they shut us out and it was not pretty.

Here are the positives about their program…

  1. Since 2001 they have a record of 245-67 which is a .785 winning percentage
  2. They haven’t lost a CSAC game in 10 plus years
  3. They have had a total of 60 All Americans since 2003
  4. Fantastic recruiters

All of those are great and I wish that I was a part of a winning culture like The Cabrini Cavaliers. But I dare ask the question, are they the Washington Capitals of Division III lacrosse?

  • Cabrini has never made it past the quarter finals
    • They have never made it past the Quarter Finals (since 2006) and have had countless Delaware County talent and numerous transfers from the Division I level. The three times they were in the Quarter Finals it wasn’t close 2 out of the 3 times.
  • Cabrini has had 2 of the best Division III lacrosse players I have ever seen in person
    • Cory Elmer
      • Cory’s Senior year, when they were projected to actually do something he had over 100 points. Cory was one of the smoothest players you could watch, to be completely honest you could write a book on his talent.
    • Casey Grugan
      • Casey Grugan was a three time all american who could do whatever he wanted with the ball. Watching him play was a clinic and it was second nature to have a lacrosse stick in his hands.

With the countless All Americans, high scoring offense and average to a little above average defense what could we point to as the “scapegoat”.

For as long as i’ve known Cabrini, and by know playing against, they have never had a solid 4 year start in the cage. You always hear “Starting Freshman goalie…” it’s rare to hear “Starting senior goalie…” it has always been a carousel of new goalie every year. It is a kid coming just out of high school who was recruited very highly, he crushes it during the regular season because no CSAC team can score on them and they end up transferring or dropping out because they can’t handle it.

Hey, let’s be honest if I could win a conference championship every year and get pretty cool gear and be the stars on campus sign me up! But after a while there is this little bug that starts to set in the minds of the Cabrini Cavalier players and it whispers in their ear ever so softly “Hey, do you remember when you chocked? Hey, you’re going to lose.”

Here is my comparison to the Washington Capitals…

  • Overpowering offense
    • I honestly get jealous about how good Cabrini’s Offense is and it makes me sick sometimes what they can do. But it never seems to translate when it matters.
  • Overloading with talent
    • From top to bottom Cabrini is ALWAYS loaded but strategy will win the important games not the ones that don’t mean anything.
  • Average to below average goalie play
    • It’s pretty self explanatory, inconsistent goalie play does not win championships, maybe CSAC or President’s cup but when it comes down to it. Consistency and Discipline is key.
  • Seeing the same teams
    • Washington Capitals
      • It’s consistent and it has been a trend for the years now is when the Washington Capitals meet the Pittsburgh Penguins in the playoffs they lose.
    • Cabrini Cavaliers
      • When Cabrini meets either Salisbury or Stevenson it will be a lose, you can throw in Gettysburg and RIT in the mix too. Yeah sure, they’ll have a year or two when they come close or even beat one of these teams but once it gets to the dreaded Quarter Finals. It’s an automatic L.

I always route for the underdog in sports movies and in real life but Cabrini has been a middle of the pack program where they have a fantastic coaching staff and unbelievable talent but they don’t have that it factor. I want them to succeed but until further notice the Cabrini Cavaliers are the Washington Capitals of Division III lacrosse.Screen Shot 2017-10-11 at 7.50.50 PM


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