Who I wish would make the USA Team

It’s crazy that we have the pick of the litter with the best players in the world but we still lost to Canada which we totally deserve. I think of it like this, you have to really only worry about two teams, Iroquois and Canada (Obviously) everyone else can go kick rocks. You have to pick your team that matches up best with those two teams.

Let’s be honest, the Iroquois are good but their D and goalie situation is always really suspect so I am not to worried about them. You really need to focus your team around how to stop Canada

My thoughts on how to stop Canada…

  • Physical defenders who have great body position in close
  • Middies who can play both ways but most importantly can pick up cutters and talk on defense
  • A goalie who is good in tight
    • By the way, the fact that Jessie Schwartzman was left in net during the gold medal game is a god damn crime. Okay, don’t get me wrong he won in college and some in the MLL but that performance was atrocious!
  • Good FOGO play and wing play

My assumption is that it will be a 25 man roster because it is pretty standard so the problem is do you have two FOGO’s to lighten the load? I think that is a great idea because Greg Gurenlian is getting up there and might need a breather every so often.

My hopes and dreams of the 25 man roster…

  • Goalie
    • – Drew Adams
    • – John Galloway
  • Defense
    • – Tucker Durkin
    • – Joe Fletcher
    • – Mike Evans
    • – Jesse Bernhardt
    • – Mike Manley
  • LSM
    • – Joel White
    • – CJ Costabile
  • Midfield
    • – Tom Schreiber
    • – Paul Rabil
    • – JoJo Marasco
    • – Myles Jones
    • – Drew Snider
    • – Joe Walters
    • – Matt Abbott
    • – Connor Buczek
    • – Will Haus (SSDM)
  • Attack
    • – Rob Pannell
    • – Jordan Wolf
    • – Marcus Holman
    • – Will Manny
    • – Matt Danowski
  • Fogo
    • – Greg Gurenlian
    • – Trevor Baptiste

I think with this team the USA will reign supreme win another Gold Medal.







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