For the love of God, STX and Warrior Helmets stink

I am going to start out this article by saying that I am 100% bias in saying that Cascade has the best helmets ever in the history of lacrosse.

I get it, it’s Warrior. They’re the premiere apparel and distributer in the sport and I don’t really think there is any arguing that. They have the best gloves, elbow pads and shoulder pads. The Warrior cleats were the best back in the day; for example the Warrior Burn 2.0 cleats were a staple in 80-90% of youth gear bags. You weren’t cool remotely a “Lax Bro” if you didn’t have these cleats.

What a classic!

STX brought us one of, if not the best lacrosse heads of all time with the Super Power or the younger brother the Proton Power. I mean come on, if you played shorty who didn’t have the Crankshaft?!?!


After all of the greatness that these two brands brought the lacrosse community, they “had” to dip their toe into the world of helmets. What a bad idea!

  • They’re beyond ugly
    • They’re the ugliest helmets I have ever seen in the history of… well ever.
  • They have ZERO tilt
    • Come on bro! Lacrosse is all about the tilt and the flow (sarcasm) which this helmet does not have.
  • Talk about Second Bar Syndrome
    • These young pups have no idea the what they’re doing to themselves with Second Bar Syndrome. I’m going to put my hand up here, I had it multiple times but I have since seen the light and that does not happen anymore.

Some of you reading this might think to yourselves “This dumb idiot has never even worn one before!” Well my friend, you are wrong! I have worn the helmet for the equivalent of one Box Lacrosse game and it was terrible. I couldn’t see anything, I had no tilt (LAXBRO!) and after being checked in the noggin I had a cut on my forehead.

If both STX or Warrior every come out with better models I will 100% try them but for now. These helmets stink and Cascade will always reign supreme.


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