Why every aspiring lacrosse player should tailor their game after Tre LaClair

I didn’t know who Tre LaClair was until Championship weekend and from what I saw on the Lacrosse Nation and I was enamored by his game.

He has size, strength, he can sling the rock, and he has vision. The crazy part is that we have 3 more years with Ohio State to see what he can really become in the field game.

Some of his honors so far as a freshman…

  • USILA Third Team All-American, first Buckeye rookie to earn a spot on a USILA first/second/third team.
  • B1G Freshman of the Year and Second Team All-Big Ten in 2017.
  • B1G and NCAA All-Tournament Team selection.
  • Three-time B1G Freshman of the Week.
  • Set Buckeye freshman goals record with 49, the third most in a single season in program history.
  • Notched 65 points as a freshman, ranking 12th in a single campaign for a Buckeye and the most for a Buckeye freshman

I love so many parts of his game so I wanted to break it down for you so you can understand.

  • He is multi-dimensional!
    • He is a “hybrid” player, this means he plays both box and field lacrosse. He will play up to 100 games a year as Paul Rabil said in my hyperlink above.
  • He can sling the rock
    • Looking at his highlights and from what he did over Championship weekend the way he torques his body is truly a sight to see. You young bucks think that hitting corners is swagger but you are dead wrong, scoring goals and having near perfect fundamentals truly means swagger.
      • Here is some homework for you; go to this new site called YouTube and type in “Tre LeClair Lacrosse” and watch, I truly believe you will learn something.
  • He knows how to take a check and keep moving
    • Tre is not scared to take a beating, if you notice his box influence helps him absorb a check run through it and get to an open space to either shoot or pass.
  • His unselfishness
    • If you notice when Tre scores the most he will do is a fist pump of emotion but 9/10 times he scores you see his searching for his teammates. He doesn’t do any stupid celebrations, he is about the team and winning. #Humble
  • His combination of size and speed
    • Tre is 6’2” 212, that’s a big boy and he knows how to use his body to run through checks, over power or run past them.

Okay, I lied to you. The first time I saw Tre LeClair play was when he notches 6 goals against Johns Hopkins and boy it was a site to see.


Click to watch

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