Calling My Shot: Tehoka Nanticoke will take up every headline for the next 4 years

Tehoka Nanticoke has the potential to be the next Lyle Thompson or even better but how can you not admit that these next 4 years can potentially be very annoying. Yes, I get it; he crushed it in the World Games, he wears a box helmet, he barely wears any shoulder pads, he can do things with the lacrosse stick that would take me 100 years to master but the lacrosse world will eat him up and put him on a pedestal for everyone to see for the next 4 years.

I’ll do it, Tehoka Nanticoke will be the Thompsons of headlines for the next 4 years and it makes me sick. By sick, I don’t mean hatred or jealousy because I really like to watch him play. But if I know the lacrosse world and I like to think I know a little bit, this is going to be like when Lyle won the Tewaaraton and every single damn major headline featured them. The over saturation is going to be absolutely insane and it will be annoying.

Why does he wear a box helmet? Is that even allowed? I have never in my life seen that. My assumption is going to be that it is because he has been wearing it during Fall Ball for Albany.

Taking a HUGE unnecessary right turn…

Do I dare ask the question? Are the Thompsons and Tehoka Nanticoke hurting the sport at a younger age? Because Tehoka Nanticoke should and will be the younger generations idols and it is well deserved. All those kids will see are the HUGE box fakes, box helmet and the fancy goals. But what they don’t and won’t see (until ESPN does a feature on him) are the hours upon hours of working on his craft. The thousands and thousands of shots that he has taken when no one is watching.

It’s very sad because Tehoka Nanticoke is going to be a once in a generation player but the lacrosse media and the younger generation could make his style of play annoying and overbearing. They will keep hitting us in the face over and over and over again until we are forced into submission and that my lovely friends is a crime.

One last prediction…

Tehoka Nanticoke will 1,000% sign with Nike or when the Thompsons start their own brand he will be partnered with them.

I hate myself for feeling this way…

I hate myself for even writing this post because he is so good and I truly believe that Tehoka Nanticoke is a once and a generation player. Like I have mentioned throughout this whole post, it will be all day and everyday that he will be mentioned and people will not truly understand what a true talent he is, I really hope I am wrong.

What a beast

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