Does anyone remember the good old days when lacrosse commercials were funny and cool? … it’s been a while

Ah yes, the good old days when pro lacrosse was at it’s highest point and MLL games were played on ESPN and ESPN 2. Boy how things have changes, within the past 4-5 years during the spike in social media exposure, lacrosse has become more digital and more Appleesc (That’s not even a word).

Commercials were fun and lively, now it’s all about how the product is made and how the EVO Pro 2 is better than the EVO Pro even with the most minor of changes. I WANT THE GOOD COMMERCIALS back, I want the old school Warrior commercials where it was goofy and weird because lacrosse is not a mainstream sport. Oh my word, did I just say the unspeakable? Let’s face it everyone, lacrosse is NOT and for the time being will not be a mainstream sport we have waaaaaay to niche of a market with Laxbros and Laxettes in middle to upper economic levels being the major market and primary influence. It’s always great when you have a success story and I gobble that up like a Philly Cheesesteak (shoutout Philadelphia).

What is wrong with staying in our area of the sports world? Yes, it’s very very cool when the lacrosse community gets a top play on ESPN and they do a 5-10 minute biopic on a lacrosse player. I LOVE IT! But football, basketball, baseball and hockey will remain the big four and, again for now it will remain that way. We will not receive mainstream exposure until our influencers (players) become more mainstream and become a larger part of the pro-sports landscape.

Let’s stop trying to be something we are not and be ourselves. There is nothing wrong with that, and there is nothing wrong with being odd, goofy and weird. Lacrosse is an odd, goofy and weird sport! Think about it, lacrosse requires you to combine multiple athletic aspects into one specific sport and that’s DIFFERENT and that’s okay.

I am all for advancing the sport and having it be more mainstream but you need to have a delicate balance of being odd, goofy, weird with the new age advertising. Right now, we are so new age that I think we have lost our luster for how we got to this point. Let’s move to the middle and understand what makes us different not what can make us the same as the big 4 sports.

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