Is social media hurting the game?

Let’s be honest with ourselves, we ALL love social media. Whether you like it ironically (if that’s a thing) or you truly live your life by the like, favorite, or retweet you know you love it. Are players becoming soft because of social media? I don’t think this trend started until after Facebook but I see it when I coach, all kids do is look at their Instagram or Snapchat to see if someone has spoken to them.

I was listening to a podcast the other day and in the podcast there apparently is an epidemic amongst social media and phones in general. The person works at Facebook and said the following “I am predicting that within the next 10 years, text messaging will be a thing of the past. The reason why, because within the age range of 12-15 they aren’t texting anymore, they’re Snapchatting and DMing each other.” When I heard that my mind was blown because when I was around that age all we did was text. I do have a comparison though from when I was 12-15 from this generation, we did have AIM and MySpace and right when I got into high school Facebook came around. It is pretty comparable, but it has gotten worst.

I have had multiple kids I coach, go to their bag to check their phone during a game. What happened to us as a human species?

There is a chemical in your brain called dopamine, for those of you don’t know dopamine is when you get pleasure from some stimuli and you feel satisfaction. The same chemical is released in alcoholics and drug addicts. Oh by the way, I know because you’re probably reading this and thinking I am crazy but just hear me out! It is a scientific fact that drug addicts and alcoholics become who they are because they can’t handle the stresses in their life at a young age (12-15) and they turn to something that is easy which would be drugs and alcohol. Now this is comparable to social media because on social media you have to give off this persona that everything is fine all the time when it’s really not. When a kid 12-15 these days feels stress or discomfort they don’t turn to a human being to talk about it, they turn to a screen. For this reason, players have become SO soft and only care about the gear they get and not how they play. Please don’t think I speaking for all players because I am not but for some this is true.

Players are so soft these days that it is becoming more difficult to push them to be better because they care about the like, favorite or retweet rather than the ground ball and doing the fundamentals. I think the highlights on Instagram and Twitter are great but, I feel the players are more worried about getting on TLN rather than winning the game. How can we stop this and change back to where we once were as a sport?

This is not a cry for help but take notice because this is and could hurt our sport.

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