Who is the face of lacrosse?

Who is the face of _______? This is a question that has been asked throughout the history of sports, who is the face X sport or Y sport. When you think of baseball, basketball, football and hockey you think of one person or team who “represents” the sport when someone thinks about their favorite sport. For example, when you think of basketball you think of LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Steph Curry; when you think of baseball you think of Aaron Judge, Mike Trout, Clayton Kershaw; football you think of Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees; hockey you think of Sydney Crosby or John Tavares. Those are the big four sports and the most relevant, very much well-deserved.

But, who do you think of when you think of lacrosse? Do you think of NCAA, MLL or NLL? Obviously, everyone thinks about Paul Rabil when they think about the sport but what about personalities? Hm, never thought of that huh? We have heavy hitters in the sport in regards to apparel and mesh that has taken a life of it’s own. Lacrosse is one of the only sport in the US where that is a viable option, the option being that the first thing that comes to mind could be East Coast Dyes, Throne of String or The Lacrosse Network. Baseball, basketball, football and hockey don’t have that option, they don’t have the option to think more about the manufacturers and internet personalities over the actual players.

We are also the only sport that has three leagues/sects that make up our sport. We have college lacrosse, Major League Lacrosse and National League Lacrosse (indoor). Yeah, the other big four might have different locations, like basketball is a big influence in China but it is all played the same. In lacrosse we have field and box lacrosse, same sport but played at two opposite ends of the spectrum.

Top 25 rated players in the MLL


Top 5 rated players in the NLL (as of 2017 preview rankings)

  1. Dhane Smith
  2. Shawn Evans
  3. Cody Jameison
  4. Curtis Dickson
  5. Mark Matthews

Top 5 rated players in the 2018 NCAA Lacrosse Season

  1. Trevor Baptiste
  2. Connor Fields
  3. Justin Guterding
  4. Ben Reeves
  5. Patrick Spencer

I don’t think you can pinpoint one particular person or even a team (maybe in college) there is no “face” of lacrosse. What we have is a “who is your favorite player?” or “who do you emulate your game off of?” that is the difference between lacrosse and the other big four sports. I stand by this when I say that lacrosse is a weird and goofy sport, we need to be different in order to stand out and that is okay.

Who do you think is the face of the sport?

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