Is Johns Hopkins Overrated?

Johns Hopkins is a staple within the NCAA Men’s Division I lacrosse community with countless wins, national championships, all american’s and pro’s to say the least. Dave Pietramala is a top three coach and player of all time and deserves everything he deserves, he works tirelessly both on and off the field. With the likes of Paul Rabil, Kyle Harrison and 2 out of the 3 Stanwick’s who can deny the programs success. Dare I say, is John’s Hopkins overrated?

Since 2009, Johns Hopkins has been bounced either in the Quarter Finals or first round, to be fair in 2015 they made it to championship weekend but hey the University of Maryland was going through a rough patch. Their record is obviously above .500 but half the time they play a cupcake Big Ten schedule (The Big Ten has improved significantly since then). Johns Hopkins is considered the Mecca of the lacrosse community, anyone who knows anything about the sport knows about the history of Johns Hopkins. In my estimation and this might be my dumb brain but they should be in Championship Weekend every year and anything but a top 5 end of the season ranking is a disappointment. They have arguably the best alumni who I am sure donates a significant amount of money and has unbelievable support after college in the professional world.

Hey Coach Petro, just a thought, is there any possible way for you to stop recruiting kids who only go to private schools and jump into the public school arena. If you look at their current roster, 29/46 players are from private schools and that’s only from the schools I knew were 100% private schools so the percentage would increase if I actually took the time to look up every school. Speaking from a Division III lacrosse player was is in arguably the best division in Pennsylvania, public schools have talent as well. Now do not get me wrong, there are a handful of players that are from public schools and that’s great but if you have ever heard the saying, if you do the same thing over and over you will get the same result. Just a thought but look into that for me will yah…

Maybe have a more diverse defense as well, their defense is the same every single year. It’s a bunch of athletic poles who lay the lumber and will make you pay by receiving penalty after penalty for a slashing, push in the back or hitting after the whistle. If you need any evidence take a look a few years ago when Johns Hopkins got ROCKED by the eventual National Champion Duke Blue Devils. It’s towards the end of the game, Jordan Wolf scores and out of nowhere some bum hits him after the play… like a big dumb idiot. I would like to also add this fact, Johns Hopkins hasn’t been very good since they had Jesse Schwartzman, uhhhhhhh ever think of recruiting a competent goalie? Again, just giving advice from a guy I know.

In the end, Johns Hopkins will probably lose to Maryland… again and make it to the first round of the playoffs and might even win a round or two. SOMETHING needs to change for the program, the fact that Johns Hopkins hasn’t won a National Championship since 2007 is a god damn crime. You ever hear the saying that it’s always better when the Yankees or Patriots are in the championship, it’s also always better when Johns Hopkins is in championship.

PS: I’m a HUGE Syracuse fan.

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