Give me Myles Jones in Box Lacrosse

Myles Jones is hands down one of the most physically dominating offensive lacrosse players this sport has ever seen. Myles Jones is listed at 6’4”, 240 LBS but plays like he is 6’8”, 280 LBS; he can run like a gazelle, has the power of a train in his shot and body. OH and he loves contact because he can contort his body to get a better angel for a shot or dish it off to one of his teammates. On January 24th, 2018 The Lacrosse Network posted a video of the US Box Lacrosse team playing in an exhibition against one another (Blue v White), my thoughts before the video started was the same as a majority of you “This is the same old US Box Lacrosse, field players playing box lacrosse and kind of knowing what to do but not really”.

Then I saw Myles Jones play the game and this is where I took interest, I watched how physically demanding he was and how no one on the opposing blue team could handle him. There is one part in the video where #1 on the blue team is trying to defend him and Myles Jones is literally giving him a piggy back ride to the cage and scores…. obviously. After I saw that, I was SO in on having Myles Jones play in the National Lacrosse League that it got a little weird. I was probably more invested on having Myles Jones play in the NLL than Myles Jones himself.


Now I get it, Myles Jones has maybe played a handful of legitimate box lacrosse games but I would give him maybe half a season and he will be the most impactful player on his team.

So Myles Jones, here is my plea to you if this isn’t already happening. Play in the National Lacrosse League and here is what I can almost but not 100% guarantee will happen.

  1. You’ll be drafted in the top 5.
  2. You’ll be exposed to a brand new audience so your brand will increase.
  3. It could take you about half a season to accommodate your dominance but if Tom Schreiber has given us any indication you might not need that long.
  4. Obviously you’ll make more money, duh.
  5. You’ll be able to actually challenge yourself in the off-season which will help your field game.
  6. You’ll be bigger and faster than a majority of the players in the National Lacrosse League.

So Myles Jones, you interested because I know the lacrosse population is ready for you like a kid waiting for a desert after getting an A on a test. Please play in the National Lacrosse League PLEASE!


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