5 Storylines that will play out in the 2018 NCAA Lacrosse Season

LACROSSE IS BACK! Here are 5 storylines that will play out this season. HOT TAKE!

  • The University of Albany will make it to championship weekend but not win the championship.
    • With Tehoka Nanticoke and Connor Fields on offense, it seems inevitable that the Albany Great Danes will cruise into Championship weekend with a hiccup or two throughout the season. You are correct, I do think the Great Danes will make is to championship weekend but they will NOT win the championship. Here is the reason why: the Great Danes are currently ranked #1 in scoring offense with a total of 16.50 goals per game and a scoring defense of 4.00 which is also ranked #1. They will not be able to hold this up throughout the year, I am very anxious to see them go up against Maryland and Yale who are more solidified on both the defensive and offensive end. Also don’t be surprised if you see a loss against Vermont, with all of those Canadians on offense it should be a high scoring game.
  • If Justin Guterding doesn’t win the Tewarton this year, this season will have an asterisk with it.
    • Justin Guterding has the highest impact on his team by far in Division 1 lacrosse, he is their motor. Guterding is currently averaging 3.40 goals per game and has one hell of a schedule left, especially with the ACC. I saw what he accomplished against Denver very early in the season and you can tell he has the “it” factor we all look for in sports. Yes, of course, Trevor Baptiste could win it but Guterding is on another level.
  •  UVA will win at least be in the ACC championship and will advance to the quarterfinals.
    • I think this might be my most “out there” take but UVA is on a role right now. The Cavs had a HUGE win against Loyola and their attack right now is one of the best in the country. They have 3 dynamic midfielders in Matt Moore, Dox Aiken and Ryan Conrad who can go up against some of the best defenses in the country. At the beginning of the season, I was trying to figure out who would be the dark horse to make it to Championship Weekend and I think the Cavs can pull it off.
  • Both Tehoka Nanticoke and Connor Fields will be Tewarton finalists.
    • Tehoka Nanticoke is something we have never seen before blah blah blah. Look I get it, he’s one of the best but he’s only a freshman (I know that doesn’t mean much) but his offensive prowess and the finesse of Connor Fields will put the both of them in the Tewarton conversation.
  • Notre Dame is back to their old ways of having a top 3 defense and not a very good offense.
    • Year after year, I would compare Notre Dame to the San Antonio Spurs. They’re so boring to watch but they win all the time, they are this thing called “consistency”. But the one Achilles heel is that they have is they are so slow on the offensive end, it takes them at least a half to get going and if their defense isn’t on its game it takes a lot for them to win a close game.

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