Which preseason all-conference team would win it all?

Just like my previous article about who is the best team of all time, out of 2018 preseason rankings before the season started who would come out on top if there was a tournament.

Here are the parameters for the fantasy tournament:

  1. Cardio isn’t a factor, let’s be honest this isn’t realistic due to a number of reasons but they would not have access to any substitutions. This team would play strictly with the first team all-conference that was selected.
  2. The best coach would be coaching the team from each division to coach the team and this will go strictly by two factors, what was the best record last year, who won the division and who was ranked higher when the said rankings were published by InsideLacrosse.
  3. It will be on a neutral site.
  4. The teams will be ranked national championships and overall success from the 2017 season.

Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC)

Coach- John Danowski (Duke)

A- Justin Guterding, Duke
A- Michael Kraus, Virginia
A- Ryder Garnsey, Notre Dame
M- Ryan Conrad, Virginia
M- Brad Smith, Duke
M- Dox Aitken, Virginia
FO- John Travisano, Notre Dame
LSM- John Sexton, Notre Dame
SSDM- Drew Schantz, Notre Dame
D- Cade Van Raaphorst, Duke
D- Tyson Bomberry, Syracuse
D- Scott Hooper, Virginia
G-Danny Fowler, Duke

American East Conference

Coach- Scott Marr (Albany)

A- Connor Fields, Albany
A- Ian MacKay, Vermont
A- Justin Reh, Albany
M- Kyle McClancy, Albany
M- Billy Nolan, UMBC
M- Griffin Feiner, Hartford
FO- TD Ierlan, Albany
SSDM- Joe Grossi, Binghamton
LSM- Troy Reh, Albany
D- Ryland Rees, Stony Brook
D- Zach Barrett, Binghamton
D- Jason Brewster, UMBC
G- JD Colarusso, Albany

Big East Conference

Coach- Bill Tierney (Denver)

A- Ethan Walker, Denver
A- Dan Bucaro, Georgetown
A- Christian Cuccinello, Villanova
M- Craig Berge, Georgetown
M- Colton Jackson, Denver
M- Devin McNamara, Villanova
M- Tanner Thomson, Marquette
FO- Trevor Baptiste, Denver
SSDM- Connor Byrne, Providence
LSM- Sean Mayle, Denver
D- Nick Grill, Marquette
D- James Barclay, Providence
D- Dylan Gaines, Denver
G- Tate Boyce, Providence

Big Ten Conference

Coach- John Tillman (Maryland)

A- Shack Stanwick, Johns Hopkins
A- Tre Leclaire, Ohio State
A- Grant Ament, Penn State
M- Connor Kelly, Maryland
M- Joel Tinney, Johns Hopkins
M- Tim Rotanz, Maryland
FO- Gerard Arceri, Penn State
LSM- Matt Neufeldt, Maryland
SSDM- Ryan Terefenko, Ohio State
D- Ben Randall, Ohio State
D- Michael Rexrode, Rutgers
D- Chris Sabia, Penn State
G- Dan Morris, Maryland

Colonial Athletic Association (CAA)

Coach- Shawn Nadelen (Towson)

A- Colin Burke, Fairfield
A- Ryan Tierney, Hofstra
A- Reid Bowering, Drexel
M- Dylan Alderman, Hofstra
M- Brendan Kavanaugh, Hofstra
M- Joe Rodrigues, Fairfield
FO- Alex Woodall, Towson
LSM- Austin Haynes, Delaware
SSDM- Zach Goodrich, Towson
D- Sid Ewell, Towson
D- Isaac Paparo, UMass
D- Brett Osman, Hofstra
G- Jack Concannon, Hofstra

Ivy League

Coach- Andy Shay

A- Ben Reeves, Yale
A- Michael Sowers, Princeton
A- Jeff Teat, Cornell
A- Morgan Cheek, Harvard
M- Joe Lang, Harvard
M- Austin Sims, Princeton
M- Joey Sessa, Yale
FO- Conor Mackie, Yale
SSDM- Tyler Warner, Yale
LSM- Connor Keating, Penn
D- Jake Pulver, Cornell
D- Aidan Hynes, Yale
D- Arman Medghalchi, Princeton
G- Phil Goss, Brown
G- Tyler Blaisdell, Princeton

Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference (MAAC)

Coach- Brian Fisher (Monmouth)

A- Chris Robertson, Siena
A- Connor Kearnan, Canisius
A- Bryce Wasserman, Monmouth
M- Foster Cuomo, Quinnipiac
M- Gannon Morrison, Marist
M- Dylan Schulte, Monmouth
FO- Will Vitelli, Quinnipiac
LSM- Adam Bellamy, Quinnipiac
SSDM- Grier Wilson, Monmouth
D- Garrett Pfeifer, Monmouth
D- Logan Monroe, Canisius
D- Riley Palmer, Quinnipiac
G- Brian Corrigan, Marist

Northeastern Conference (NEC)

Coach- Mike Pressler (Bryant)

A- Mike Rastivo, Saint Joseph’s
A- Chris Aslanian, Hobart
A- Ryan Smith, Robert Morris
A- Chris Blewitt, Saint Joseph’s
M- Tyson Gibson, Robert Morris
M- Tom Kennedy, Bryant
M- Max Tuttle, Sacred Heart
FO- Kevin Massa, Bryant
LSM- Jack Toomb, Robert Morris
SSDM- Mike Pascali, Mount St. Mary’s
D- Zach Bryant, Robert Morris
D- Austin Smith, Saint Joseph’s
D- Anthony Johnson, Bryant
G- Alex Heger, Robert Morris

Patriot League

Coach- Charlie Toomey (Loyola)

A- Pat Spencer, Loyola
A- Will Sands, Bucknell
A- Sam Cleveland, Colgate
M- Greyson Torain, Navy
M- David Symmes, Army West Point
M- Sean O’Brien, Bucknell
FO- Connor Gaffney, Lehigh
SSDM- DJ Plumer, Navy
LSM- Craig Chick, Lehigh
D- Johnny Surdick, Army West Point
D- Eddie Bouhall, Lehigh
D- Foster Huggins, Loyola
G- Jacob Stover, Loyola

Southern Conference

Coach- Eric Sermete (Air Force)

A- Chris Walsch, Air Force
A- Teddy Hatfield, Richmond
A- Wesley Sanders, VMI
A- Nick Hruby, Air Force
M- Grant Gould, Air Force
M- Lou Yovino, Furman
M- McLean Chicquen, Jacksonville
FO- Trent Harper, Air Force
LSM- Austin Cates, Richmond
SSDM- Ryan Beville, Jacksonville
D- Brandon Jones, Air Force
D- Sean LaVine, Air Force
D- Kyle Walsh, VMI
G- Alec Van de Bovenkamp, Furman

Here is how I would seed these 10 conferences

  1. Big Ten Conference
  2. Atlantic Coast Conference
  3. Ivy League Conference
  4. Big East Conference
  5. Patriot League Conference
  6. American East Conference
  7. Colonial Athletic Association
  8. Northeastern Conference
  9. Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference
  10. Southern Conference


Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 11.38.02 AM

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