Can we stop with the stupid sideline celebrations?

I know I am going to get a lot of grief and flack for this post but can we please stop it with the stupid sideline celebrations?

I understand what these college and high school players are trying to do, I thought it was cute at first but now it is getting overboard. Everyone who is younger than the age of 70 years old will hate me and call me a squid (slang for being lame) for not having fun and it’s a freedom of expressions.

Can we be honest with ourselves with a few facts?

  • This didn’t start until Monmouth University Men’s Basketball became famous on TV for warming the bench and being creative.
  • Quick question: Shouldn’t you be focusing more on getting better and making an impact on the team then bench-pressing invisible weight or riding a bobsled?

Let’s face facts: you’re a bench warmer and instead of creating these overdone sideline celebrations, don’t you think it would be better if you used more of mommy and daddy’s money and made an actual impact on the team. I know that while a few of the fellas were rolling a joint and playing Fortnite thought it would be cool if we did this or that but it’s not cute anymore. I personally think it’s kind of sad that bench warmer is wasting time creating these elaborate celebrations rather than trying to do something to benefit the team.

This also supports my stance that we need to stop trying to make lacrosse mainstream and actually fix what the real problem is with the sport I love so dearly. This hits the nail right on the head with me, and I have said it over and over again, players care more about swagger and being famous rather than doing the dirty work to improve yourself and your team. We have the potential to be the greatest generation but due to unnecessary circumstances, some of the parents trained their kids to be soft and a snowflake.

Stop wasting my time and put some work in on your game and put it out there on the field. You don’t see Tehoka Nanticoke, Connor Fields, Justin Guterding, Brendan Bombery, or Trevor Baptiste doing that because they’re constantly working on their game to help the team.

Please stop the Madness!



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