Used to be 18 now it’s 19: The tale of the Re-Classing in high school lacrosse

Do remember when 18 years of age was the norm for a high school senior? Me too! The never dying trend of the overzealous parent who has the dream of having their kid get a full ride to play Division I lacrosse even at a mid-major school. Parents are doing everything possible to make their kid standout whether that will be from signing contracts to play on certain club teams to play for multiple club teams. I am ashamed I did not catch this sooner and I apologize to my very small audience but now parents are re-classing their kid so they can be “bigger, faster and stronger”.

I have another question for you: do you remember when repeating a grade made you feel insignificant and stupid? Well, I have your answer, it’s okay to repeat grades and not have the emotional development as a normal high school student. The reason being is the pipe dream that 90% of the high school players will not be able to obtain. I don’t understand what is wrong with parents these days, why does it matter to them if their kid goes to a Division I school?

I think parents are so dumb and ego focused that they can’t see what is right in front of them. Now, there might be students who actually need to be held back due to academics or emotional maturity and I welcome that opportunity for them to better impact their future. But to hold a kid back strictly due to the factor of that dream of having your child go Division, I is preposterous and I hate you.


I think the funniest part of this re-classing situation is more than half of the kids who do this, don’t even play because they’re not good enough which is FANTASTIC and I love it. I am laughing in your face right now you stupid Mom and Dad who decide to do this.


Here is an article from 2014 from Deadspin.

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