Make Division II lacrosse… more relevant

Do you ever see a family and their middle child never gets any attention? They can have as many accolades as the younger child and accomplish just as much as the oldest and yet he or she still doesn’t get any credit. You see them and you say to yourself, I wish they would get some attention because well, they deserve it. That’s how I feel about Division II lacrosse, I feel bad *frowny face*.

Division II lacrosse has been getting the shaft for too long and they deserve better. Yeah, you probably don’t know half of the teams but hey who cares, get some diversity in your life, it’s 2018. The talent is just as good as Division III and if you think about it, you don’t have to try and follow as many teams because they don’t have as many teams as Division I or III.

I thought this was America! The America that I know routes for the little guy because in the 1700’s we were the little guy. Sure, we had the backing of the French but we, as Americans still had to kill the British and stave off the haters from taking over our independence.

I feel so bad for Division II lacrosse because they get no love. I bet it sucks because their programs get passed over consistently for very low-end Division I teams and middle to high-end Division III. Playing Division II lacrosse isn’t as sexy as playing Division I or III, think about it when you ask a fellow lacrosse player, “who do you play for?” and they say “Merrimack (currently #1)” don’t you say to yourself “Ew, why would you go there?”. I’m going to put my hand up and say I say it sometimes, but then I remember that I went to a low-end Division III school and I used to say, “I bet I could play in Division II”.

Show Division II some love and please give them the respect they deserve.

Screen Shot 2018-03-14 at 10.14.08 AM


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