Did Lacrosse Finally “Make It” because we’re in Marshall’s?

I think we did it. I was doing my due diligence of being an American and shopping at my local Marshalls and what did I see? Lacrosse elbow pads and shafts, did we finally make it?

I think we’re on our way, for those middle-class lacrosse players who scrap and get by average to below average equipment, this is a huge deal. The only other way we can get half decent equipment is either for Christmas, stealing at tournaments or Play It Again Sports. I know what you’re thinking, “you’re dumb and this post is dumb” but fear not my friends we are on our way to being solidified as the 6th or 7th most popular sport in American.

Now as you’ll see in the featured picture there are UnderArmour midfield elbow pads and lacrosse shaft. First off the color of the shaft is the worst, I hate the color orange but I love the flavor. This can be a common trend for Marshalls and these discounted stores to have odd colors but hey, beggars can’t be choosers. If these odd colorways will dissolve my craving to purchase gear now that I am 27, count me in.

Everyone stand up and cheer because I think we made it.


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